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Firemní Monitor na DVD-ROM

Czech Republic 2016

Firemní Monitor na DVD-ROM
Company Register Czech DVD-ROM

Firemní Monitor na DVD-ROM
Firemní Monitor na DVD-ROM - Sample in ExcelCompany Register Czech DVD-ROM
2,400,000 Business Sales Leads in 2,300 Trade Categories 
incl. 511,000 contact names, turnover, employees, email & Webpage,  product and service 
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Firemní Monitor na DVD-ROM

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Albertina - Company Monitor on DVD-ROM

  • represents a unique database of all registered companies in the Czech Republic. It offers basic data on around 2.000.000 business and non-profit organizations. In addition to basic information, such as name of the company, residence and identification, it also ranges subject of its activity classified by NACE coding system, number of employees, legal form, type of ownership, etc. Some of the records also range telephone numbers, fax numbers, email accounts, information on company´s turnover, stock capital, subsidiaries or creditors and debtors. The information is, at the same time, complemented by information from Business Court. More than 700.000 persons (statutory persons and owners) in companies is identified and structured for direct marketing use.

  • is updated on monthly bases and distributed either as CD-ROM or through company´s internet server. Albertina data pursues constant formal and factual checking of the database data including costly individual proving.

  • provides you with more than 100 optional criteria (including financial criteria) and wide-ranging scale of output formats in one integrated setting. It also provides high quality comfort in searching and also series of output possibilities. Your internal information system will appreciate the advantages of unlimited export of data into database format. Variability of mailing labels printing will make the actual addressing of your customers much easier for you.

  • Practical usage is very broad. It will help you with contact verification, segmentation of companies marketing needs, direct mailing, finding personal information and with many more cases when one needs company information



Preselections enable groups of companies with common features to be selected quickly.  
Legal entities  
Preselection of all organisations - legal entities.  
Commercial register record  
Preselection of the companies with a record from the commercial register.  
VAT payers
Preselection of VAT payers, that is all companies whose Tax ID Nr and information of the type of tax have been found out. Information is continuously checked on the basis of data of the Ministry of Finance.
Consumption tax payers
Preselection of payers of the consumption tax, that is of all the companies whose Tax ID Nr and information about the type of tax have been found out. Information is continuously checked on the basis of data of the Ministry of Finance.
Active companies (on the basis of available data)  
Preselection comprises a group of the companies of which we think, on the basis of various criteria, that they are among active properly operating companies. For instance a company released its financial statement, it is registered at present as a VAT payer, within the monitoring of the payment discipline we have found out that it is carrying on trade, it was individually contacted, etc. However it does not mean that all the companies not included in this preselection are inactive. We have only accumulated our knowledge on companies and formed a group with a higher probability of activities.  
We do not recommend contacts  
Preselection "We do not recommend contacts" includes companies in liquidation, bankrupt companies, companies with dead addresses and companies registered by us as debtors. In addition to this there are entities (traders) who have suspended their activities. This preselections combines codes EK, EL, EN, EA, EP and ND. Big companies - debtors (ND) are not included in the case of small debt.  
Dead addresses  
Preselection of wrong addresses (that have been found as undeliverable - for instance returned during mail actions and still not corrected).  
Companies in liquidation
Preselection comprises all companies which are, according to the Commercial Bulletin, in liquidation.
Companies in liquidation - newly since the lat issue
Preselection comprises all companies which are in liquidation as new items in this issue.
Bankrupt companies
Preselection comprises all companies that have been declared bankrupt or the insolvency was cancelled for lack of property.
Bankruptcy information
These are companies whose declaration of bankruptcy was released, the bankruptcy proceedings took place, the schedule decision was met or the bankruptcy was settled in a satisfactory way.
Bankrupt companies - newly since the lat issue
Preselection comprises all companies that have been declared bankrupt or the insolvency was cancelled for lack of property as new items in this issue.
Preselection of all companies whose telephone numbers are known.  
Preselection of all companies whose fax numbers are known  
Companies with e-mails  
Preselection of all companies with electronic addresses.  
Companies with URL  
Preselection of all companies with URL addresses (usually www).  
New companies  
Preselection of all new organisations included in the database of the latest updating.  
Changes of data
Preselection of companies whose some basic items have been changed since the last updating (does not include new organisations).  
Shares in companies  
Preselection of companies with information about shares in other companies (subsidiary companies).  
Branches (Plants)  
Preselection of companies with information about plants (branches).  
Companies with financial statements  
Preselection of companies with at least one financial statement.  
Facts and news about companies  
Preselection of companies with facts from media.  
Companies - debtors  
Preselection of companies made public as debtors.  
Companies - creditors  
Preselection of companies made public as creditors.  
Companies with payment information  
Preselection of companies with data on payment behaviour.  
Preselections will enable you to find quickly extensive sets of records typical of the said characteristics. You can repeat and combine preselections as needed with one another and with further queries or given search conditions.  

Company Name

The database distinguishes Company Trade Name and Company Registered Name. The registered name is provided exactly as it is entered in a particular register. The trade name is modified so that it can be used to contact companies, to simplify work with the data (for instance print on address labels), example:  
Company Registered Name:  
S A M P L E  C O M P A N Y, spolecnost s rucenim omezenym (in German GmbH, in English Ltd.)  
Company Trade Name
Sample Company, s.r.o.  
The trade name of a physical entity usually contains his/her surname and first name, or an additional remark defining the entity of the businessperson or the type of business. Part of trade name of a legal entity is an additional remark defining its legal form

Company Address

The database distinguishes Trade Address a Registered Address.  
The registered address is provided as it is entered in a particular register. The trade address is modified for purposes of delivery of post, that is it meets the requirements of post. It corresponds to the registered address unless it is found out individually or on the basis of additional sources that the company is registered at another address different from its real headquarters. In this case the trade address is modified and the registered address is unchanged.  
Trade Address contains the municipality, street, post code and the name of the post office.
In addition to this it contains a field for a possible specification of delivery of post (for instance P.O.BOX).

ID Nr and Tax ID Nr

ID Nr and Tax ID Nr are basic identification numbers of business entities. Search by identification numbers enables quick and clear selection of a particular entity. In the Company ID Nr you will find the following options:  
Company ID Nr  
ID Nr File  
Tax ID Nr  
Tax ID Nr File  

Telephone, Fax, E-mail, URL

Some companies have telephone numbers and fax numbers or e-mail addresses and URL addresses (presentation of a company on the internet, that is web sites).  
Data are collected from various public sources or are provided directly by the companies. Albertina data accepts data on telecommunication contacts for instance from web sites of companies or gets them from the official telephone directory.

Date of Establishment, Type of Ownership, Legal Form

Date of Establishment is available within the Further Registration Data menu. Search for dates is search for time intervals. After you choose this option, a window is opened in which you can set the range of days, months and years. The program will automatically offer the oldest and most current dates. You can choose the required length of time through an entry in the window or by means of buttons. If you want to choose only a particular year (1997), set the interval as 1.1. 1997 - 31.12.1997.  

Type of Ownership distinguishes particular types of relations of persons or other entities to the property of the company. It distinguishes especially private, cooperative, state and communal ownership.  
Legal Form of a business entity specifies the form of subjectivity, namely such subjectivity within which an entity has rights and duties in connection with its activities. Search by the type of Legal Form is among the important tools of the selection of groups of companies as the legal form defines for instance responsibility, duty to meet obligations, etc.

Entry in Commerical and Trade Registers

All the companies that are registered in the commercial register have information from this source made public on the internet. The entities pursuing activities on the basis of the Trade Act and not entered in the commercial register have text from the trade register.

The current state corresponds to the possibilities of finding these data on the internet individually. To confirm the data or acquire the latest information, the Regist32.exe program automatically generates, with the button, the query in the commercial register of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic concerning a particular ID Nr, or the ARES button will provide connection with the information server of the Ministry of Finance.

All texts are only in Czech language.  

Regist. Court, Revenue Authority, Instit. Sector

In the Further Registration Data menu you can find legal entities according to the Registration Court, that is in accordance with particular registration in the commercial register. The data are displayed in the results incl. the section and the insert of the entry in the Commercial Register and it can be useful in the case when you need documents from the collection of certificates.  
Allocation of entities to a particular Revenue Authority is based on registration of VAT payers. It is possible to search for companies by revenue authorities and from the point of view of the regional segmentation it is an interesting level between a region (district) and a municipality (seat).  
Institutional Sector classifies a company in the classification of sectors used especially by Statistical Offices in Europe. The data replace the SNA classification used formerly.  

District, Region, Size of Municipality

Within the Region menu you will get the following submenus:  
Size of Municipality  
Search by districts or regions is for quick territorial classification of selected groups of companies. Districts are arranged in the alphabetical order in the offer within regions. Regions are arranged in a logical order of the breakdown of the official NUTS number list. In the number list of districts and regions it is possible to find any string through
Size of Municipality is based on the last census in the Czech Republic and puts each municipality in one of 10 size categories.  

Authorised Municipality

In the Further Registration Data menu you can find Authorised Municipality and/or Municipality with Extended Authority defined by Law 314/2002 of year 2002. It brings possibility to make other market segmentation additionaly to districts or regions.  

Scope of Business and their Number

Scope of Business contains written statements of registered activities of companies as they are entered in the commercial or trade register. You can search them by any words. Only the activities are included in the index which are current, not activities which are suspended or cancelled. Activity texts are only in Czech language.  
In addition to the search by the text of activities the databases have the possibility to work with the number of registered activities. The number of paid activities with a company according to the commercial or trade register will enable to distinguish the entities whose searched activity is entered as the only one, from the entities that register more activities and the searched activity may be only an accompanying and unessential one.  

NACE Classification of Activity

The sector classification of economic activities (NACE) is a hierarchical classification used to classify economic activities of organisations and it is compatible with the European NACE classification. The numerical code of NACE classification consists of five digits.  
Every company is allocated to at least one NACE category while one specifies the so-called prevalent activity of an organisation (NACE prevalent). NACE is allocated on the basis of registered activities, it does not have to cover all (temporary, not registered) activities of an organisation.  
Search by particular levels of NACE hierarchical classification is used to select companies active in a certain sector, branch of industry or another sphere of profit-making or non-profit making activity. The database offers two basic options:  
NACE prevalent  
NACE complete  
Both the options apply to the same classification while in the NACE prevalent menu it is possible to find only the organisations for which a given activity expressed with a particular code is considered the essential, main activity of the organisation. NACE complete searches for activities irrespective of whether they are specified among major, or additional, secondary.  

Register of Products and Additional Info

Register of products and services sorts in a unique way activities of companies processed directly by the company Albertina data, s.r.o. The register is focused on the level of groups of products and services which is optimum for marketing needs and which can be found and processed on the basis of publicly available sources.  
The register clearly distinguishes and specifies the phase of how the product reaches the customer (that is the fact whether in relation to the product it is production, import, wholesale trade, retail trade, consultancy, etc.). Therefore the content and the form are not mixed (the product and the way it is handled) as is the case of other classifications. By combining the product and the phase it is possible to distinguish exactly particular activities of a company, for instance:  
3001183 - dietary foodstuff (without distinguishing the phase)  
30011831 - large-scale production of dietary foodstuff   
30011834 - import of dietary foodstuff   
30011835 - wholesale trade of dietary foodstuff   
30011836 - retail trade of dietary foodstuff   
30011839 - consultancy in the line of dietary foodstuff   
It is most advisable to look for particular words or their parts by means of Find in the register of products and services.  
The register item is allocated to a company only if its activity is known and is currently pursued. The register of products and services is completed continuously, which is however laborious, mostly individual work and for that reason it is not possible to guarantee that all companies will be classified.  
Additional information is a text in which the company describes its activity, offers its products and services, specifies data on itself. The texts are included only with the companies that use this possibility as a result of direct communication with the company Albertina data. You can search for any word in the text. Additional information is only in Czech language available.

Capital, Turnover, Export, Import

With some of the companies there is information of the extent of their basic capital and the annual turnover or the volume of export or import.  
Information on Basic Capital is acquired from the accessible entry in the commercial register, exceptionally through a direct contact.  
Annual Turnover is an exact number in million CZK or there is a category of annual turnover. The exact turnover is acquired from financial statement of the companies that are part the Creditinfo – Company Monitor database.

The turnover is calculated as total revenues that are the sum of operating earnings, total financial revenues and total extraordinary revenues (database items PROVVYN+FVTOTAL+MVTOTAL). More detailed formulas are available at request.

The turnover is rounded to whole millions. All various values from zero and smaller than 1 million are rounded to 1 million (that is a company with an annual turnover of for instance 300.000 will be provided with 1 million).

Categories of annual turnover are acquired at the Czech Statistical Office. In addition to them there categories derived from the exact turnover according to financial statements therefore the search by categories covers maximum companies. The search according to the exact value of the turnover applies only to the companies whose financial statements are available. Every data on the annual turnover can be provided for more years in the form of a time series.  

Search by annual turnover uses the so-called combined query, you insert the turnover interval or choose a turnover category in one bookmark and choose years of turnover in the other bookmark. If you choose particular years, cancel the tick off of "LAST". If you do not select the years, the last available year is automatically searched for (you will get the same if you choose "LAST" in the bookmark with years).
In the Basic Capital item you can find numerical values of the basic capital (in CZK), whose extent is made public by the companies when they are established or if the basic capital is increased (decreased). The value is not specified in this item if it was not found in the Commercial Bulletin or in any other way in the course of the data processing in the company Albertina data. The basic capital is searched for as a numerical interval. In a particular mask you can set the value from and to. All values are comprehended incl. the set number.  
Data on exporters and importers are arranged in volume categories for the past year. You can find companies with import or export for the past year in CZK or SKK. To select all exporters or importers, tick off all categories of exporters and modify the query (OR) in the second step with all categories of importers.  
Search by import or export uses the so-called combined query; in one bookmark you will choose the import or export category and in the other bookmark you will choose years of turnover. If you do not choose the years, the last available year is automatically found (you will get the same if you choose "LAST" in the bookmark with years).

Persons in Companies

The database processes structured contacts to persons specified in the commercial register as statutory representatives or owners (partners). To a lesser extent it also contains executive managers found out through individual collection of data.

These contacts can be found by name, post (in a company) or by the so-called type of person, which is selection of sex, category of the year of birth or the country of origin.

Name of a person is provided in the same way it was entered in the commercial register incl. degrees. For search the names are divided by words, for easy and quick search for a particular person it is advisable to use
Group of Keywords, in which you can write a name intuitively for instance karel novak. The program finds all occurrences of this name.

Post in company is included in the uniform classification which guarantees a clear selection of the required post. The classification contains also executive posts (codes starting with digit 1) which are only seldom entered in the commercial register. The posts of statutory representatives are included in the classification in codes starting with digit 2.

Type of person offers three indexes. Sex is specified only if it can be automatically distinguished by the name, it is not specified with some names of foreigners.

Age category, or category of year of birth is organised by periods of ten years and is based on birth-certificate numbers or dates of birth. This data are not displayed anywhere, they are neither printed nor exported. They are only for search.

Country of origin uses international classification of countries and comprises the persons whose country they come from is entered in the commercial register.

Owners and Shares

Through Owners it is possible to find a particular company or persons (incl. foreign ones) that are entered in the commercial register as owners. The output displays not only their identification but also the extent of their shares and the satisfaction of the share

State of Company

The state of a company is shown in the dialog output of results in the form of a text field in the upper right-hand corner and at the same time through lights. The state of the company points at some negative knowledge acquired from available sources of information or on the other hand points at active companies.

Red applies to entities in liquidation or to bankrupt entities. A bankrupt company is the entity to which a bankruptcy order was imposed or the bankruptcy was cancelled for insufficient property of the bankrupt.

Yellow applies to the entity that underwent bankruptcy but met a decision, performed settlement, etc. In addition to this the "yellow is" with the companies whose activities have been suspended, their address is undeliverable or are registered as debtors.

Green applies to active entities according to available sources