Swiss Economy from Orell Füssli Business Information

More than just addresses 

Companies and individuals in Switzerland interact with each other in day-to-day business. Use “Swiss Economy” to research and uncover the relevant companies and establish contact with the appropriate partners.

All the details on the business database are based on current entries in the Register of Companies. This includes Administrative Boards and participating interests, together with extra registers (e.g. relating to political functions).

Companies and individuals are easily to display and export with Swiss Economy. This will allow you to understand the market, research the right contacts and prepare them for the best possible approach. “Swiss Economy” is unique in this respect.

Transparency and intelligent cross-referencing

 Each entry is displayed with the links to other companies or individuals. “Swiss Economy” is therefore a combination of two contact search methods: research in depth and research in breadth.

The Swiss Commercial Online is based on information from the following resources:

  • SHAB
  • Trade Registry
  • Index of the members of the boards of directors, owner and partner relations out of Teledata, the largest Swiss database about information on holdings