Canada Residential Consumer List

Canada Residential Consumer List

Canada Residential Consumer List
Accurate, verified and up to date

Canada Residential Consumer List
Worldwide Marketing List & International Mailing List from 70+ Countries -  Sample in Excel-FormatUp to date residential directory in Excel format
9,0 million households/contacts in Canada
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Canada Residential Consumer List

Download now in Excel 2007 or CSV. Accurate, verified and up to date.

Why pay 1,000 of dollars (now also availiable as 1 easy to use application)

9 million+ contacts/households

Contains: Name, Address, Province, Postcode &, Phone number

Number Count per Province
ON 3,074,041
QC 2,691,571
BC 1106,617
AB 9,73,286
MB 430,953
NS 428,327
SK 409,811
NB 341,441
NL 208,137
PE 70,598
YT 13,173
NT 11,115
NU 6,215

Use for telemarketing, direct mail and internal databases.

File Format:  Excel 2007 (delivered s three Excel 2007 files with worksheets for individual states). Dropdown excel filters for easy searching and filtering of data.

CSV file (1 file all of Canada) 

In-house database application easy to use and search (no need for your own database