UK Business Directory

UK Business Directory

UK Business Directory 
2 million unique UK businesses

UK Business Directory
Worldwide Marketing List & International Mailing List from 70+ Countries -  Sample in Excel-Format
Updated United Kingdom database in Excel format
2,000,000 Business Sales Leads in 2,300 business categories
incl. Webpage address
No Export Limit/No Print Limit !

UK Business Directory

This data is one of the MOST Comprehensive up to date marketing database of All of UK 
- Best value in the UK for current accurate data.

  • 2.0 million unique UK businesses (our largest database).
  • 2,300+ Business categories
  • 4.7 million listings (some business listed under more than 1 category)
  • 2 million businesses with phone numbers
  • 600,000+ businesses with  fax numbers
  • 590,000 business websites

Listings include:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Locality
  • Town
  • County
  • Poscode
  • SIC code
  • Phone No 

in with some listings

  • Website
  • Fax No


  • Use file for marketing database
  • Easily print mailing labels via Access or Excel
  • Export content into csv file or Excel
  • Reverse search phone numbers
  • Target particular suburbs or even street

Data Delivery: Data is delivered as 1 Excel 2007 file - Category and postcode columns contain filter tab to make searching and sorting through large database easier.

We also deliver file as 1 CSV files all can be imported into a database application eg. MS Access, Filemaker or any other database you have.

In addition we have a standalone application to operate the database.
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